Small charity PR tips

Are you a small charity looking to boost your PR efforts?

I recently wrote some small charity PR tips for the Givey fundraising website. Here’s an extract from my article.

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As a small charity, it’s easy to think that you might get overlooked by donors or that it’s difficult to promote what you do, compared to the bigger, household names. But there are plenty of things you can do – here are my top tips:

1. Act big and be consistent

Just because you’re a small charity doesn’t mean you can’t act like a big one to market yourselves. You don’t need a big budget to ensure your branding and messaging are consistent. Do you have a good, responsive website? Are your logo and branding consistent everywhere you use them?

2. Have a plan

If you don’t have a plan for raising awareness of your charity, how are your potential donors and supporters going to find out about you? By having a clear plan, you’ll know what you need to do and when.

3. Reach the right people

Who is your target audience? What age/gender are they? Where are they based? What interests are important to them that will resonate with what you do? By honing this down, you will be able to establish where best and how to reach them.

4. Get your existing supporters involved

The people you help and their families, your volunteers and donors are your biggest advocates. Write up some of their stories as case studies; ask them to speak on your behalf and spread the word about you; get them involved in activities that their friends and families can sponsor them for. But make it easy for them to stay ‘on-message’.

5. Tap into the news agenda

How can you piggyback on hot topics in the news? Offering up comment, advice or tips to journalists related to current news topics is an excellent way of demonstrating your expertise. Don’t forget awareness days and weeks too.

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Author: janerogers

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